Goomaai is an international Business to Business e-commerce platform. Goomaai brings supply and demand of European and Chinese businesses closer to each other through the internet. The head-office is situated in Hong Kong. The technical division and customer service center are located in Shanghai and the service center is situated in the Netherlands. We have a professional team that can help you in various languages and we are eager to help you with anything you want to know about or do in China

Because of cultural differences and regulations it is difficult for European companies to do business in China. Research reveals that most European companies aren’t successful in China. Goomaai understands the investment culture between Europe and China and therefore has a high status and a lot of possibilities for you. With the help of Goomaai, European businesses can easily and promptly introduce their business and/or products to the Chinese trade market and expand their business.
Goomaai is the first Business to Business portal that simplifies the search for products and trustworthy business partners between China and Europe. Because of a unique integrated software program your business can be found fast and you can expect replies within a few hours from potential business partners. Goomaai is committed to becoming the largest internet site specialized in the European and Chinese trade market within 3 years.

Goomaai guarantees quality and service. Clients applying for a membership are reviewed and receive an answer within 48 hours. All businesses that state their demand or supply on the website are obligated to cite their Chamber of Commerce number and tax registration number. Afterwards companies can display their international certificates on the site.

Two portals are operational. The Investment platform portal will mainly publish public procurement, knowledge exchange, educational developments, promotion of cities and international congresses.
The second portal is the supply and demand site. This website is b2b. Your company or institute will have access to a specific database based on your branch. Because of the integrated software your request will be found faster by potential business partners. Beside that Gomaai also has an own business society. A membership of this society offers you a lot of opportunities regards doing business in China. More information about the Goomaai Business Society is available here.
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